Wednesday, January 12, 2011

running behind the pack

Cats are adventurous and nosy and the spreaders of particulate matter all over the house. I have a vacuum cleaner that specializes in pet hair. It collects the equivalent of a cat's worth of cat hair from rugs and furniture every time I use it. I have removed cat-mats from the cold-air returns.

Lately my laptop PC has been cutting off from overheating. I thought it was the power connection, because I didn't want to take the thing apart. Finally I popped off the back panel covering the CPU/fan assembly. There was a big hairball aka dust bunni blocking the vents and dust all over the fan. Canned air and tweezers are very handy, though I did remove 4 tiny screws of the fan shroud. Get a tech if you feel queasy about micro-surgery. I removed the offending fuzz-ball and sequestered it in the waste reclamation process. They will collect it and release it in a wild waste reserve. I feel so much better.

Anyway, I fired up the laptop and heard the fan whisper, then whirrrrrrr after the CPU heated up some. Every thing is back to normal. Here in the Linuxville chateau the point is to use the PC everyday. Gets kind of boring as things just work, so I have to get my kicks by content. I've been reading about tech heroes like Tesla and Edison and Bucky Fuller. History is so kool. You know all the genius that was throughout the industrial revolution to prepare us for the next revolution was phenomenal. So much that the money makers of that era can't let go in order for this next era to explode.

The other problem was that many geniuses were ahead of their time but the old skepticisms still hold economics hostage. When you revisit this ahead of it's time technology with new materials and science it is now very viable, but threatens the economy we built on the old technology. The result, new car old technology $12000, new car new technology $34000. Old money! If progress can only be purchased by the well heeled, the future has not arrived. I get the feeling financial hostage taking is the American awake (why we dream!).

Did you see the serge of PC tablets the likes of iPad? Where is the Wacom pad so we can do precision drawing on an iPad like device? If you can make the display the same size as a sheet of notebook paper you got a winner (on my screen!).