Monday, July 07, 2014

ending artist anxiety

What or who is an artist?

How does art come out of a person that qualifies him or her to be called or classified an artist. Oh, someone else has to recognize your talents and abilities wither fresh out the crib or in retrospect? LOL

Some art is accident, some inspired, some stumbled upon, some well practiced, some the result of training, some out of the knack. Some out of logical assessment, some out of idiot fun. Some art out of the copy urge, can't afford it I'll make it myself. Are you flattered or do you yell "thief"?!?

Are you an artist because you make money from your craft? Are you carrying on a tradition as a member of a guild, being practiced in "the art"? Or do you dabble like myself and find comrades among like minded artisan dabblers?  We fool ourselves saying we are not really artist, ha! We are artist!!

What do you do? Oh, I'm an artist. What kind of art? I, ah, do........................
Did you go to school for that? Then depending on wither you are commercial product or service artist or a fine artist. Where can I see your art?

If I am introduced as an artist, the persons usually responds with a request of a portrait before it is explained what kind of art I do. It is so awkward to have to define a box when you are out the box. It's just conversation, better for the artist to keep some photos on hand, a pictorial business card. Be prepared to show more than tell, a thousand words via a picture is more than you can say.

My summation, if I had to wait for others to confirm I was an artist, I'd never pursue doing it. Now being recognized as an artist in a broader community is a different thing. So, forget your ego thumping, I am an artist because that is the way the energy is flowing. Now work the energy, self practice, schooling, whatever it takes or that opportunity allows to do art. Observe, practice and show ones close to you. Expand your show circle, then ones can see that you are indeed an artist.

I am thankful I have chances to demonstrate my art energies in a larger context. Mural projects, community art center, conversations and critiques by peers like myself and long time pros. You got to get out there to balance the isolation of your creative space. Keep it real, after all you are an artist.