Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trying old new stuff in Linux.

It's getting late, I should be going to bed, but I started a couple of things here I can't seem to put down. As I was saying earlier about Metisse being so interesting I was marveling at the fact that it does it's magic without the aid of special Nvidia and Ati drivers or the Xgl graphic extensions. It is a wonder of modern programming. I got the feeling I have been there before. Back in my early Linux days there was a window manager called Enlightenment and it was pretty fancy for it's time. Many of the graphic tricks like transparency was accomplished in Enlightenment probably before Win98 was born. So, I checked it out and sure enough I found it is still being worked on. I found it listed in the Ubuntu repositories. I down loaded it, installed it and it is still a wonderful thing. Intimidating at first, yes, it has several menus of tweakable settings. But it also has a built in document that explains what the functions are. Like any interface you have to grow into it. It is not like Gnome or KDE, both seem very MS Windowish in comparison. In "E" as it is called, you have control over everything. Many users just don't care how it looks as long as it works. I have been around the block a couple of times. The stock appearance of both Gnome and KDE are OK but not great. "E" is a tweaker's paradise and various users have posted themes on the net. So you don't really have to go crazy with settings, just download a theme and go. I would post some pictures but I have not played enough with this yet. "E" has a number of things I have raved about in previous post, a graphic pager, virtual desktop, hhmmm... I wonder if background video could be playing while I working in the foreground? I also wonder why "E" isn't more popular among Linux users. Gee we are a picky lot. But it is very easy to slide into a Gnome or KDE groove because they are pre-installed in most Linuxes. Kind of like MS Windows on PC's ain't it?

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