Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm living in a virtual world, and I am a........

The orange barrels are up in Linuxville and I am really into tweaking and improving things. I have been exploring the virtual machine world and have found gold. In the Mepis docs there is a section that explains how to get and install Virtualbox. It involves typing a few lines into the terminal to install something called linux-headers, checking the repository listing in Synaptic, typing in another line in the terminal to provide an access key, installing Virtualbox and playing with the new software. There were a few curveballs but in all it went well. The first test was with Geexbox, a multimedia front-end that is actually a very small Linux distro. It worked but the video had flickering and jumping. I had to attach the "Guest Additions" to supposedly fix the problem. I applied the fix and it didn't fix it. Then I tried LIMP and Womp, they worked pretty good but because these are other operating systems, they need to be set up to see shared resources on my main or host operating system. I also installed two small footprint Linux distros, DSL and Puppy. They both worked perfectly. Then I did the ultimate test, I installed MS WinXP into a virtual machine. It was a normal install and it runs great, even added service pack 2. Now I got to configure all that backroom stuff, like antivirus, shared drives, internet and network connections. I must say that Virtualbox is a whole lot faster than Qemu, even MS WinXP is pretty snappy. I really have to LOL when I see WinXP in a window and not owning and dominating my computer. May the live-cd or .iso image should become the standard for all operating systems. You could try it and if you like it, install it or virtuallize it and all is well in the world. Perhaps the next big thing in computers is a solidstate drive just for the operating system and installed applications. There are still things to come and Linuxville has a thumb on the pulse.

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