Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rediscovering Dynebolic Linux

My last post had me ready to dig into Wolvix. I started having problems with my computer, but I don't know if it was the CD, the CD drive, the downloaded ISO or what. Actually I have a stack of CD's that I have burned and not spent much time with. So, I set aside Wolvix for now until I can figure out what's the problem. In the mean time I am rediscovering Dynebolic Linux. Dynebolic? What's that? It's not in the Distrowatch top 100 any more, but that doesn't make it not cool. Distrowatch has to do with hits and inquiries, not popularity. But you should talk about Dynebolic because it's got some unique features. Like Puppy Linux, the packaging system is a bit different. What got to me is that to install it to disk, you just copy the "/dyne" folder from the CD to the root directory of your file system (Linux, XP, Beos, there's a few), set up Grub the bootloader and you are in there. Now don't copy that folder to the folder called "root" in Linux like I did or it won't work. It's the "/" or top of the file system, the one with the system folders in it. The included manual tells you how to edit the Grub configuration file, it is easy but scary.

Every Linux has got some mystique about it and the developers of Dynebolic are for sure Rastafarian. There purpose is very clear, Dynebolic is free software, multimedia focused and made to run on anything. The artwork is very spicy and the desktop has Windowmaker and XFCE which makes it very flexible and low on resource use. I won't hold you in suspense........
I don't know about Windowmaker shown here but XFCE is cool no matter what. The artist has other artwork on her web site and you could add your own, anytime. Multimedia, that's graphics, TV streaming and editing, internet broadcasting and officeware. There are modules instead of packaging like .deb or .rpm, that have different focuses like games. In a good way once you have settled on one Linux distro, you don't really need another and if I had seen Dynebolic first it would have been questionable about the need for Ubuntu or others. All my needs are here, office, graphics, internet. If you put this on your big jump drive, you could use it anywhere and never install it ever. So this Linux covers a lot of ground, but some will say stuff is missing. If you only use a jump drive or the live-CD there are no worries, the hard drive install might need some security tweaks. I don't know mon, Distrowatch says it's from Italy, but Rasta is from Jamaica. Dynebolic is revolutionary in concept because it is simple to move between PC's and install without reformatting. But, if all you care about is the applications, yes they work well. If you are curious dig into Dynebolic Linux, "don't worry mon, be happy"

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