Wednesday, September 03, 2008

............And other neat tricks

Thank goodness for clarity, I think I got it now. Dyne 2.5.2 does in fact do clustering. The computers have to be on the same network, and their IP's and hostnames listed in a config file. When they see each other they automatically share the work load. Of course they have to be running Dyne to do it. Are there trade offs?? YES! Networking several older machines will probably cost more to run than one fairly high powered newer one. I only have two, so no big deal, how about you? Then with Synergy you can use them all with one keyboard/video/mouse. If you like to tinker and toy and experiment, YOU can do it. Yeah, MS and Apple only let you use their stuff in the prescribed ways. Linux lets you tinker with hardware and code, invent new systems, be a classical "hacker" if you want to. The word "hacker" has been demonized in a negative sense. So if you can understand my advice, if you want your kids to be just computer users, MS and Apple are ok I guess, but if you want them to be something more, Dynebolic Linux opens too many doors to count. Aside from the great applications for multimedia creation, you can do system setups and configs yet to be discovered and application development. The main thing is that it is not all worked out for you, there are still challenges and problems and worlds to conquer and you don't need corporate sponsorship or permission or a user's agreement to use any of it, or to modify any of it. The best knowledge of the scientific community is shared knowledge, the same is true in the Linux computer community. Linuxville residences all have access and share from the mouse mauler to the coder.

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