Wednesday, February 04, 2009

off the curve, into traffic - like frogger, no

Going the Linux way you will see all sorts of tools you never thought of. I for one am a visual person and ideas are, you know, fleeting. I write down notes on every scrap of paper around my desk. And yes, there are various regurgitations of sticky notes and post-it notes. I have both the paper kind and the digital equivalent. Let's see, desktop icons all over the screen, sticky notes on my monitor and floating on my desktop. OOOh, I am so unorganized! I hate too many desktop icons. It's a good thing the Linux file browser is so handy, not like in other operating systems. If I want a file I go there first and fast.

Enter Tomboy Notes.........pretty cool, it's like a mini file browser for notes. You can jot things down on note pages and put them in folders to keep them in order. This is great if you are following a train of thought. You could do this with your regular file browser but this Tomboy Notes is available on the desktop and has ways for moving and reorganizing just the notes. The trouble with Tomboy Notes and my thought trains is that my thoughts include pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with a few words is priceless. I was looking for a note taker app with the ability to pull in graphics. I found something so much more. It's called BasKet Note Pads. Here's a couple of pictures so that I won't have to write a book:

This BasKet Note Pads is like a notepad on steroids. What we have here is a complete research tool. You can add pictures, web links, notes, and more yet to be discovered. Talk about scrapbooking, this is way beyond that digital album you've been playing with. This could be a front-end to accessing stuff on your personal database and on the internet.

I've just uncovered a new niche in cyber-law, digital inheritance. How do you pass on your personal computer database? Digital effects, hmmm..........

Jumping into the Linux fray is not so bad, look both ways, take your time, you'll be just fine.

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