Wednesday, January 13, 2010

does the clothes finally make the man?

While the art elephants are taking a siesta or selah, lets race over to the Linuxville sports center to ask the age old question, do the clothes finally make the dude or dame? You'd think our local p-ball (platform-ball) players would know, as they play in different attire to stir the fans and intimidate the rivals. The fans have mixed reviews, some even think the team plays better in their favorite uniform. We've touched this topic before, but it is always good to hear the locker room reaction.

I have Kubuntu, the Ubuntu with the KDE desktop installed. It comes in the default blue tones and lays claim to being fresh and exciting. Then I also installed Gnome desktop because I like it also. Gnome comes standard on Ubuntu with the orange and brown, no brag, it's just handsome. I've also tried Ubuntu with KDE too. In the wild, they do the one up, taking turns improving, showing, with fans exclaiming a coup over the other. I come up with this, many folks don't like the orange/brown of Ubuntu or the idea of skin tone colored themes. I'm no psych major but the implications are...............

KDE in blue is fresh and exciting for lovers of blue. Looking up in the sky all the time can get boring too, not to mention your eyeballs getting tanned. I will admit that Gnome in orange and brown is not an easy combo to swallow, but being a person of the brown persuasion, I've grown to appreciate the subtleties of brownness. It is earthy but not green like Ubuntu Mint, or Suse Linux. Fedora is blue and so is the Blue Man Group, but they're a rock band not a distro. Mandriva at last look was yellow, Xubuntu is blue outside and gray inside.

In the end game the controversy is about the boot screen you see first and how you have to sit through it, while it announces what is to come and sets the tone for the computing session. "Are you kidding?" What if we put a color selector bar on a pre-boot screen so that Ubuntu will boot in the color of your choice? No wonder folks are trying to demand faster boot times, I thought it was so they can get to work faster, NOT!

Color choice aside, the real diff in KDE and Gnome is the programming libraries used and the goals of the developers. I can't really say which choice, KDE or Gnome is best for you, for me Gnome is just handsome and warm. Gnome is a tad bit more surefooted in operation on my PC and snappier. And to all you fast to critique folks, Gnome in Ubuntu can change color too if orange and brown just won't do. Gee folks, I used Crunchbang in basic black and it didn't get as much flack as Ubuntu in brown. Think about Palomino ponies and rich Corinthian leather and Coco Wheats (ha ha!).

No one in the sports center locker room can agree on the best uniform and the fans too are dead-locked. I guess the team management also gave up on this decision. In a press release they state; "While we reserve the right to demand the best possible play of the game, we have left the ultimate uniform choice up to the fans, if you don't like it, change it!"

There you have it from the Linuxville Sports Center, now let's get back to the Linuxville Guide office before the art elephants awake.

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