Saturday, February 27, 2010

mr. rno, put down the spatchla, come out the kitchen

Every once in a while I get to cook, like when the wife is dysfunctional or out. Of course I cook what I know and risk only when I have explicit instructions (from the misses).

This brings me to my two pet software peeves, graphics software reviews and wait and see users. 99% of the graphics software reviews are probably read right off the box. I can't tell you how much the lack of real experience keeps you asking the "which is the best graphics app to use?" question rolling in your head. It is frustrating to see site after site quoting the same line. Cut and Paste reviews should be banned!! I think many savvy reporters refuse to type the disclaimer "I am not getting paid for endorsing this product". Wait, what endorsement? This is not about reporting turned into paid advertisement, it's about trying out the stuff and honestly saying cool or not cool or maybe cool. Or maybe reviewers are just slinging names around because if they actually took time to try it, they wouldn't have time to report on it.

Peeve number too, wait and see users, waiting to see what cut and paste reviewers are saying, looking for any new information. I guess the shear volume of cut and pasted reviews means this stuff is popular enough to check out. I'm having a flashback of the cartoon AristoCats, where the mouse has to rally some cats to rescue other cats from the cat napping butler. The mouse was lunch until he said "O'Malley!" 

Us users all know name drop reporting is lacking in substance. We want to tap the keyboard, squeeze the mouse and see what it look like. Then we want the how-to and the play by play, the replay, the man in the computer room.

Wait, the room is quite, he picks up the digital pen and makes his move, the click is barely heard above the PC's hum. On the screen it forms with ease and in his mind the theme from the Airwolf TV show is playing. It's just a box but the feeling of power at the click of the pen. Slide click, slide click, beads of sweat form around the pen, he adjusts his grip, tries to relax, but can't his vision is appearing right before his eyes. The lights blink, it's the washing machine downstairs overloaded but thinks his software's power is responsible. He is immersed, totally and rapturously nerdified. He'll blog later, right now all he can say is "wow man, you should have been there!"   

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