Tuesday, March 02, 2010

a nerd cluster of homies for business

One thing you can do in Linux that I have yet to see with other operating systems is the ease to link computers together to work as a bigger computer. It is called a cluster. We've done it with humans for years and it works sort of OK. I have always marveled at the word "think tank" and have wanted to be a part of something like that. Governments and institutions are good at clustering, nerds are not because we are free radicals, but can you imagine the power of a nerd cluster?? Linux was born from this kind nerd clustering, look at Ubuntu Linux. It is quite an orchestrated effort to converge and whittle down all the scattered talents, motives and views into a process to pursue a focused goal and carry it out.

Call the cluster what you want, a think tank, a focus group, a small business, support group or homies. The idea is that no one man can wear all the hats, see all the angles and do all the work. You need others with the same goal and also support people, staff. We have made it more than difficult to start a small business with our laws, regulations and requirements. And because of our idolizing the individual, we have to waste too much time going at it alone. The hardest thing in the world is to find a like minded person, then the both of us surrender a portion of our "I am the show" to collaborate. It is exasperating to prepare all through schooling as an individual, be pressed to individual achievement, accomplishment and expectation only to surrender to a team effort. Ever wonder why kids in sports fair better than others in business, a team is a cluster. Sports add the clustering dimension to schooling.

Where would the sports star be without the other team members sitting on the bench? If he messes up, some crazed spectator might pick up the bench and whack him with it. Guys on the bench keeps this from happening, ha ha!

What I am looking for is some folks who want to form a design cluster. I am interested in interior design concepts, decor, artwork, home design but I am not a interior designer or architect or a drafter in those fields. I sort of dabble with ideas and that is the excitement. To collaborate on some projects would be very cool.

So there it is, I am an individual who wants to cluster. A nerd cluster of homies for business in the direction of my interest.

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