Friday, April 09, 2010

careful wid that nose

Now that I stuck my nose in the flower and got stung, I have to explain it to everyone who ask the obvious. They always ask how but not why, except for smart-alicks. Don't use the medical jargan, say "man what a rush!"

You see the flower in this case is Blender 3D and the bee is its user interface. It is repeated that the Blender interface is difficult and hard and has a steep learning curb (a pain, it stings). But once you nose around you will get zapped, marked for life as it were, a Blenderhead.

To the casual observer the interface resembles a Borg spaceship, this is why the reports are out there. Don't stick your nose in there! Thankfully there are video tutorials that take the mystery out of Blender, oh! you will get stung! But if you don't get the basics down your nose will look like a red-skin potato. So my advice to would be Blenderheads, check out and click on the Blender 3D Survival Guide 1 thru 9. Paolo Cicone explains Blender via a simple animation project, you will get stung. But instead of a mass of scar tissue, you will have a red dot and that stupid smile of accomplishment.

Ok, the Batman movie where he had to climb the obscene terrain to get the blue flower, only to have it made into a disillusion powder. Or, the Snuggle bear, dancing through fields of fragrance. Believe it or not, you can do both in Blender, but you got to start somewhere.

Any good graphics application requires a right of passage, Blender is no different. You may be a hard edge know it all, able to learn it without any help. Why waste the time and energy figuring when that part has been pre-digested for you. Get the vids, learn the stuff, save your grunts for the really hard stuff, content.

Blender 3D comes in 4 flavors, Linux, Mac, BSD, and Microsoft, because it is Open Source. There is abundant documentations, tutorials, videos, artwork and finished products as in movie effects, cartoons and stills. You can make models, import models and...........

Also notice that on the Creative Cow site the other application vids that are there. But I advise Blend first unless you got stuck in those other fields.

So, this is the Linuxville guide dude, buzzing off to render in the splender of Blender. And don't forget to visit
 for tips, help, chat, boasting and bragging and critique.

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