Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe

Ah yes the quiet retreat, away from the hubs and the bubs. The SATA hard drive on my upstairs machine "the penthouse" started having boot problems. I was trying to do stuff, it was acting funny. I thought maybe I should have done a fresh install of Ubuntu instead of the upgrade I did. It seemed like my CD drives were in on the excitement too. I swapped out the hard with a used one, the CD drives worked fine and the hard drive I now have works but is an older IDE drive. I reinstalled Ubuntu, this time a fresh install and I repartitioned the drive to have a separate partition for the operating system and another for my "Home" folder. And did I mention if I have to do this again I would only have to change the partition with the operating system on it. And of course I save my "Home" data from the previous hard drive on a 4 gig flash drive so that could reinstall that also. And finally it's all quiet again, order is restored, at last, and gosh that was a blast and now I am wondering what to do next.....oooh, I'm out of breath typing.

I went over to the art gallery today, the weather was nice. My wife allowed me to be talked into helping with the mural in progress on the back of the building. OK get on Facebook and click in Lorain Arts Council and look at the pictures. Yeah I am not the one holding the camera and I am not in the pictures. I am never there when a camera is there, go figure. Anyway if your penthouse/man cave/mame heaven/art studio gets to be too much, get out and do art in a different media under a different circumstance. I got paint on the wall now, outlining figures, painting over flaws, adding touches and feeling I did a lot more. Looks pretty darn good.

 In one of the back rooms a sculptor was working on a sandstone piece. I've seen this guy dressed to the nines in a show, to see him in overalls making dust was a shock. We are talking developing more studio space, a darkroom, a video lab and even a dance/rehearsal/recital space. We do have a bistro, what we don't have is member volunteers in droves. We have a few faithful, so be it. I always have to be coaxed into deeper participation, lots of conflicts of interest and little pay. But darn cool it is and once I am there a while I don't want to leave. I think I am going to help with the Lorain Arts Council newsletter since I am blogging anyway. I'll race ya back to the studio, got to get some of my own work done.

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