Thursday, January 12, 2012

the caveat of caviar

OK, now there's a drawback to using any of the made for artist live-CDs. You use it, you love it, you want to install it, then it hits you. Remember I told you to get off the update track and in fact to get offline? Those were made from the latest distros at the time, but because they often are a special rendition of an original or were made for the specific purpose they are not update-able now.

Some artist distros were made with scrips and tweaks on top of a distro version that is no longer supported. I have a box of live-CDs of various distros, everyone still usable but obsolete because they are no longer supported.

There is a solution to this delima. If you must install one of these artist distros, do it as a virtual machine, dual boot alongside of your regular updateable Linux. Dual-boot alongside of MS Windows or dedicate your PC as an artist tool and not be concern with changes, additions and updates OR use the live-CD as is and be happy.

The portable dilemma can be overcome one more way. Install a regular normal Linux of your choice on a huge honking but portable USB drive, add the apps you want. This is probably the best long run solution. It cost more than a couple of USB flash drive sticks, but the payback is huge honking also.

The live-CD offer having all the artist apps in one place, already to use. In the gallery, we have some older machines, no internet yet, no network yet. I know many folks who don't have DSL or cable so downloading is not happening. You can buy distro discs on line and be done.

Picture this, laptop, USB drive, graphics tablet and a extended power battery pack. You probably need an airport carry-on bag with wheels and a handle. You can setup anywhere. LOL by the time you put it all together, those tablet readers and net tablets will be ready to do the job. They are too small and power short for now, for me.

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