Friday, February 14, 2014

black to the future, future, future

In the ranks of the inspired, there is always a mob approach, that is playing to the crowd and the crowd likes to party. I guess it all depends what it is folks are following or as they say trends have trails. Pathways to the future sense spurt out from pop culture. From my observation deck there is this thing called Afro-futurism. Hip-hop is partly in that mode, Electronic music for sure. I think that all started with George Clinton/Parliment/Fumkadelics. You who are in it know all about that because the dance party plane is what is popularized and pushed. Me, I've been pushed into a deeper orbit, jazz.

You know there is stuff that is not heartbeat music. Starting with Sun Ra who was a predecessor of George Clinton, took his mothership in a different direction, deep space. Actually I latched onto Sun Ra late, my vibe was John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Eddie Harris and Wayne Shorter. For me they stretched the boundaries of melodic music into new forms of sound. In particular Eddie Harris like Sun Ra used electronics to open up new worlds. He later diverted off into funk which was for me a downer. Coltrane and Sanders seemed a spiritual path as myth and spiritual awareness were big in my life. Wayne Shorter was the illustrator, his musical pictures are compelling. Then Shorter horned Weather Report. I never, ever, been on a strange fascinating landscape like that in my life. I started to realize just how formative sound can be.

After these edgy guys I rediscovered Sun Ra. I think you have to get used to music being out of sync, colliding, expanding, etc. Thelonious Monk hit those minor cords and I would wince, he played spaces too. Sun Ra played some hokey stuff but then some other worldly stuff of prolific dimensions, variety and depth. The scary thing is you have to listen more than once. Each time you immerse, you come out different. Musical immersion changes your vibe, take my word. You become imprinted with sound sequences you want to hear, explore, embrace. The sounds change your vibe and that effects your thinking, ways of looking. The ideas associated with those sound why most do not stray from popular music, ooh that's weird, strange, I don't want to be that unique, I want to be like everybody else.

OK I've just explained quantum sound science and what the heck did you think music was all about, lol!!! There is in fact junk for all your senses that can render you a numbskull, you have to pick out the good stuff, filter the rest. This is what science is all about. And you thought sci-fi is about fiction!? fiction!? fiction??   

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