Friday, April 25, 2014

...........not as it seems

The Africans were enslaved so that they could be saved from their pagan religions, into god's kingdom, it is said. The ones doing the enslaving first had the blessing of a pope, the backing of wealthy money barons and entrepreneurs like Chris Columbus to carry it out. The gospel was never preached, nor was grace or mercy extended to the enslaved in the small picture nor the big picture. Christians who are thinking slavery was our ticket to salvation ought to stop. No, examine the facts of history, use reason, then stop. If faith is used to cover over history, then god is a liar, then god is not righteous, cause we were screwed by ones misrepresenting god. God got pimped out, we got screwed. Look at how us Black folk are in total today, we were the most civilized, now we are the most uncivilized. Many of us are waking up. We catch flack because we say the truth.

On the PC front. I installed Ubuntu 14, selected an obsolete video driver and my screen went black. Good thing I had two partitions as I mentioned my last post. I only had to reinstall the system on the system partition. It took many hours because my PC was wireless (slow) because my ethernet cable was damaged. The resulting setup was black screened also. Seems the files that saved the video setting were not saved properly.

Third times a charm. I noted everything that happened, changed the net cable, reformatted the system drive instead of reinstalling over top the old setup (one of the methods to choose). The install went very fast and it chose the correct video driver, again the ethernet cable was damaged the first time. Things settle down when you get a grip on all the parameters. Life is following a recipe, the spice is you tweaking to suit you. If it is a pie recipe and you get a cake, you should go back and read the recipe.

The moral of this story is that humans have tried and tested many things, thus life is a recipe, it shouldn't go wrong if you follow. BUT don't get hooked on sweets, that will throw the motive for cooking out of whack. That is how Africans wound up enslaved, other people hooked on hate, power, money, control, abuse and killing. And stop saying we did it too. Why didn't the rest of you say stop that? instead of ooh, that's cool, we can profit off'ah that.

Just trying to get you to think, use reason but don't say what's the reason. The real answers are not that simple.

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