Sunday, October 14, 2007

Old school Linux made new again - Wolvix

I have to tell that one of the myths of Linux being hard to use has been busted and I am glad. Using a Slackware based distro has never been so easy. Slackware which has a reputation of being the original hacker's toy has been upgraded. I downloaded a program and proceeded to install it via the command line. I immediately entered into "dependency hell". That's when one program needs others to operate and you have to find out what they are and download and install each one. I had forgotten about Slapt-get and its gui front end called Gslapt, installed with Wolvix Linux. I opened Gslapt, added the repository name where I found the program and then the name of the program, fired it up. Gslapt downloaded and installed the program plus the six or so dependency programs it needed to run with one click of the button. It was a myth busting moment. I still can't get over an easy to use Slackware. Slackware as easy as any other distro, Debian or RPM. Oh yeah, there are some who prefer old school but you really have to cheer for modern conveniences.

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