Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lookie here, the ZPC - WOW!!

Well, I don't really need another computer though it's been a couple of years and things do change over time. I tell you those netbook PCs, at least for me, would be far more handier than say a Blackberry. It's just a tad bit too small. But I don't want to buy a netbook and a cell phone. Maybe I'm just fussing, want a bigger screen display and bigger keys. On that front I am still looking.

On the desktop scene I thought a laptop would fill the bill but now I am having second thoughts. In my house I don't tend to compute all over it. Certain spaces are for focused activities and attentions, I like it like that. I do want to show you some evolutionary PC pictures. Check these out:
This, if you don't remember was the Commodore 64, an all-in-one, under the keyboard PC. It had cards you plugged into the side that were loaded with applications and games and the operating system, programming languages, etc. It had all sorts of ports for peripherals and transformer bricks for everything.

This was the Atari PC, I forget which one. It was also an all-in-one unit and a definite improvement in style and function. Don't ask me who came first.

I saw this yesterday:
This is my Dream PC, the Cybernet Zero Footprint PC or ZPC-GX31. Some body said take a laptop and gee, use your own monitor. Then remove the laptop's internal clutter and cooling nightmare. It's got a laptop's smallness and a desktop's roomy simplicity, all under the keyboard. I can use my 15" LCD or upgrade to something larger. I can move it around the house, so what it's not a laptop. Finally a desktop with flexibility. Ever try to upgrade or fix a laptop, somebody please call the service techie and former watch maker. Then having industry standard parts and few cutting edge stuffs inside, the cost has got to be reasonable, I've got to look into this further. This would make a very cool office machine or home machine. From the web site you can see this machine can fit anywhere with ease. If I were a IT manager/techie/business owner, I'd be jumping all over this company's product (there's probably a waiting list).

So, here you go, no fragile clamshell, no toe stubbing, knee knocking case, no one size fits all LCD display, and no ancient of days experienced techs required. You might have to endure some teasing, "Hey, what happened to the rest of your laptop?' or "thick keyboard, no case, what kind of computer is that?" You might have to yell at the kids, "don't drink and type!", "You, with the milk, step away from the computer!!" Those keyboard skins will sale like hot cakes! Some said "looks dated". If it had a sleeked up, geeked out appearance, would that drive up the cost? Bottom price about $700. Even the low end is adequate and a LCD display for about $120 or so and still reasonable.

I've got to find out if it runs Linux well, if it does, my fate is before me. If you are a school net manager looking for new PCs, you ought to look at this Cybernet ZPC-GX31. For me it is a great compromise between a laptop and a desktop. Ah! the eloquence of form and function without the future-tech hype style, looks good on any desk. Running Linux will seal the deal and bring in a no need to build-it myself glint back in my eye.

Just a further note: The spec sheets says it will run Linux "top distros". And this baby will boot from a USB device, which means Linux on a jump drive.

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Mary Schuller said...

Yes, WOW. Cybernet ZPC's are made well and just feel good. Very clean installs of software. Best feeling keyboard, no junk programs are installed with Windows. I got one for myself this past February after sending a Sony All-In-One back to Sony. It is almost rock solid with Vista 32 bit. Mine is crashing and rebooting every few weeks - likely related to power saving/software. There is no help with software from Cybernet. Need to be able to take care of yourself.

The picture on line is not accurate. There is no built in card reader, they claimed there was no way to get one. I was very upset about that. No fire wire either but, I am going to get a Firewire to USB Adapter from Pixela for my camera. ZDNET also had an article about it.

I paired my ZPC with a $219.00 23" Viewsonic $monitor on sale from Costco. No regrets.

I talked a friend into getting this computer in 2004 and I set it up for her. Up through 2006, she had only one dilemma that she fixed herself before she got the chance to talk to me. She knows next to nothing about computers and the machine stayed clean and fast on its own. Lost contact with her in 2007.