Monday, December 21, 2009

Linux throughbred PCs and Laptops

Most people wanting to try Linux, especially on a laptop, did not buy their laptop with the idea of installing Linux. It is too bad the most vocal of the group vent their frustrations so that everybody gets the impression that Linux is crap. Gee folks, put butter on frozen bread and tell the world how bad your toast is.

It has been years since I poked at the little penguin approved hardware logos to see what's behind them. I am so surprised that hardware has improved right along with the software. There are bullet-proof Linux PCs and laptops as well. And there is a secret that might help you. As long as the PC is in the middle of the road, chances are Linux will work on it (though mileage may vary!). If you have special stuff or hardware where vendors only supply MS version drivers, good luck with that. The sure fire way to enjoy Linux is to get Linux certified hardware. That is PCs and laptops with hardware guaranteed to run Linux.
These folks have been around forever............
These folks also have been around long time and I like their stuff/prices
These guys are long timers too.

They each have many configurations, services and support. So with great anticipation I will buy my next computer from one of these vendors, a laptop made to run Linux, and MS (only if I want to). To have Linux pre-installed is so wonderful and time saving, and to have all the hardware working is an over the top user experience. I don't want to dismiss the HP's, Dell's, IBM's or any of the imports, but for the most part, Linux is a sideshow for which they tend to hide their enthusiasm and marginalize their support.

Sour grapes, no, I bought my used Chevy from a Ford dealer. I get great service but it's a Chevy. They have to order parts that Chevy dealers have on hand. So, after 10 years of MS dealers I will go to a Linux dealer for my next PC. Gee, I feel at peace now! Nerdvana!

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