Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gee, that was fun, lets do that again!

Here am I doing my blog thang, 
Nothing new here, but let me zoom out some:
Lookie there! What is that? It's called the Gnome-shell and it is as snazzy as snazzy can be. It's going to be in the newest coming Ubuntu with the Gnome desktop and it's a turn-around from the regular windowed desktop we love and loath. It's handy for me because all the windows we are used too are working me to death. While I liked the icon bar and the kind of Mac OS look this is more better, more functional for me. And you thought that flashy new Win7 was something, puh!

I won't spoil the fun for you, these are all the pics you'll get from me. You'll have to search for the previews your self. But if you can't wait, like me, I found it in the repositories via Synaptic. Now the standard warnings apply, read the home page and learn what you can do with it, how to start and stop it and take it for a spin.

Why am I impressed? Because the last two years we've been caught up in an eye-candy flurry called compositing. Gee, how much power does it take to do that? Lots of memory and a graphics card with muscles and oh wait I see the Enlightenment desktop beautifully doing fancy desktop effects and it's fast and efficient, without compositing. Too much of anything is mind numbing. The Gnome-shell gives me a cool way to approach my files without layers of configs and shortcuts. I like the way it guides you to use all those workspaces Linux is famous for. Even I got that MS Windows habit of putting stacks of open windows on one desktop. Man, I feel like my hands were untied.

So, a tip of the ole penguin flipper to you Gnome-shell developers, you did good.

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