Friday, August 13, 2010

will it ever end.......!

Your life is too busy if you work just as hard sitting down as standing up. I mean I now have the habit of grabbing 5-20 minutes between odd jobs, errands and destinations to sketch or jot down a thought. The bad thing is when this gets engrained into your brain so that when your not scurrying about you get creative block.

Things have settled down at the chateau, moved my main PC from the upstairs penthouse-tech lab-artist nest to the downstairs bedroom so that my bodily presents can be available for duty by the wife and mom-n-law (poor me!). If I have to run one more errand I'm gonna bust! What I have discovered is that one can have multiple computers but usually one has all your stuff. Believe me is a hassle to sync 3 PCs. A better solution might be a network file storage server whose resources can be tapped by the other PCs on the network. In my case this is weak because my laptop needs more memory and a new battery to be powerful and float about too. Time for a new up to date laptop.

I cry about more memory all the time, Ubuntu 10.4 doesn't run on my laptop. I suspect 512MB is not enough. I used Sweet Home 3D and it crashes after I get going good. I am using Gnome desktop and I have loaded Blackbox which is a leaner desktop. It is kind of hard to switch desktops back and forth, you get used to a certain way. Why don't I upgrade? Because memory for old laptops don't get cheaper with age.

Did I tell you about Alchemy? Alchemy is a drawing program that manages chaos or random drawing elements. You can even use sound as a driver of events. It runs on everything because it is a Java app just like Sweet Home 3D. I used to hate Java apps, they were awkward and slow, no more. I used to and sometimes still regard myself as a Linux and Open Source purist, but as an artist I use the tools I have access to, even  Microsoft tools if I have to (darn!). I am looking at printing my artwork and most wide format printers have print drivers for the MS OS and not Linux, it is a wrinkle but not a crimp. Hey, I'm not a whinny prima donna, one day my prints will come. lol

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