Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GIMP brushes can spin

I was over at www.linuxgraphicsusers.com, the link is on the sidebar, someone there mentioned a way to turn a GIMP brush. Man that was work. I guess it's simple after you do it a hundred times. To my surprise, someone wrote a script to do the job. Too bad both the old way and the new way are on the net. I hear the future GIMP will have this built-in, how cool!

First go to the GIMP Plugin Registry at http://registry.gimp.org/node/16231, download a file called "rotatebrush.scm".
Then use the terminal to sudo into your file manager. Type sudo and the file manager name. Mine was "sudo thunar" Yeah, it's password protected. Type in your password, hit enter. Congrats, you have just used the command line. Not scary huh!
In the home folder goto the GIMP 2.6 folder. It's a hidden folder, goto View and check hidden folders if you can't see it.
 Then in the GIMP 2.6 folder find the script folder. Paste the script file "rotatebrush.scm" into there.
Close the windows and open the GIMP.
 I selected a brush I made circled in blue (5 dots angled to the right), from the brush menu.
 Click on Script-fu in the menu bar (in red), select the resize/rotate brush flag. In the dialog box that appears, set the new angle in degrees.   Sorry there is no preview. When you hit OK, the change is made.
My brush is now horizontal (in blue). This saves from making many single brushes at different angles and sizes. You can spin your brush while you are using it. Yeah, it's not quite that interactive but close enough to be useful. That'll learn ya! lol! And I hope I have fortified your Gimptitude a little more.

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