Thursday, March 03, 2011

I've been here before

I just had the realization that one year ago I was attempting to use Blender 3d and K-3D. The problem I had was besides no patients, I had not committed myself to learning and fussing with 3d. Some of my drawings involved layering flat planes, then putting shadows under them to make it look like they were floating, thus simulating 3d. Now I can see better how to use 3d.

The first trick was to get the concept of working in 3d space. Playing with Wings 3d was good for that. Wings 3d is fast for somethings but lacks some tools I guess would make it a dream application, like boolean functions. What's that? It's when you can overlap shapes and add them together or subtract one shape from the other. Each graphics application has it's quirks, limitations and hot points.

As I said in a previous post Blender crashes on my laptop, someday I will get more power. Wings is quick but short on some tools. I just revisited K-3D, like Blender it has a learning curve but basic functions are awesome. I'm trying to get more video tutorials and I think I will just have to play with it. Getting used to the workflows to get things done and seeing some inspiring pictures is what I need. I kept putting off committing to learning one software because either the documentation wasn't clear, not enough tutorials or the user interface was not workable for me. Sometimes a great piece of software is an in house app. The designers feel that it would be good to let others use it. Blender was like this. Every tool in the book is in there, it's not simple. But once you get the hang, it is cool. K-3d seems like this also and I hate being the first kid on the block with anything. K-3d has a good feel so I'm giving it a shot along with Wings 3d. Ain't nothing to it but to do it.

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