Tuesday, May 17, 2011

why creative artist struggle?

OK, you got gumption, training, skills and ideas, urgent ideas, what is the problem? The things of life that need attending to and the people around you who think you are wasting your energy or doodling till something important comes along. While they on their jobs would never call you off your job to do busy stuff, would call you because you aren't really working. Artist don't really work if they aren't working for some employer, drawing down a regular pay-check, punching in a time clock or keeping regular business hours. Art of the non-business variety is leisure stuff and is totally unimportant in the scheme of things, overrated, discounted and something to do when you are retired or laid up in a nursing home doing craft projects.

This is all true unless you are a great artist with an even greater patron buying your socks and forcing you to eat so that his good name isn't besmirched by your lack of caring about hygiene or social graces in public appearances. 'He's an artist', they all say, the covering excuse for the rampant abuse issuing from his attitude toward all who would criticise openly and disdain for ones whispering under their breath the truth. After all art is a lie sort of like the emperor with no clothes and the kid who is treated like pervert because he dares to tell it like it really is. 'Shut up kid, that's the style, the trend, the what's wid it!

Artist suffer the pains of life, the interruption of the flow of creative juices, the botherings of others, the having to set the satisfying creative execution aside for the urgent considerations of others. I always wondered why some artist have a studio where they can separate themselves from view. Out of sight, out of mind and tell their friends and family that when the door closes I am at work, only call for emergencies and lunch. It all changes if you sell something.............

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