Friday, January 13, 2012

100 beady eyes on a cracker, Not!

Ok, we already settled that no matter which Linux live-cd/dvd for artist you use, as long as the applications you want are on it, you will be happy. Just have enough RAM on your system to do them justice, because graphics take RAM.

Using a jump or flash drive installation is awkward if your PC can't boot from an external USB drive. If you install these Linux for artist you might have a time installing new software or finding what you want in supported but older software repositories.

Getting past the above cautions results in your head cocking back and a loud raunchy laughter erupting from deep within. 'Hey, you're here, where's your equipment?' You whip out your disc, slide it in, boot, sit down, draw, save to flash, logout, eject, grab disc and run down to your car so you won't embarrass your self..........'LOL!' You forgot to roll up the windows.

PureDyne is a DVD, has a little of everything, is my favorite.

Dyne:Bolic 3 Beta is a CD and is half the distro that PureDyne is, size wise.

gnuArtist also is a DVD with a lot and also comes in a 'Lite" CD version.

Puppy PAW or Photo Artist Workshop is cool but the Linux itself is different. It is older and might be hard to find now.

Artist-X is a DVD's worth of artist apps.

Ubuntu Studio is a DVD's full of stuff. I don't have this one.

openArtist is also a DVD. I'm downloading this one right now.

Well get out your net search and checkout the home-pages and the specs. They are very similar to each other. Download and burn-it, then you too can put a complete art studio in the palm of your hand.

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