Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yeah! Linux still gets a bum rap!

Well, it's still Sunday and I have been sitting here considering and fussing with some Linux stuff. I'm looking at this Wolvix distro, which I did install to my spare 8gig hard drive by the way. Puppy exist on the liveCD. What pushed me over the cliff was that Wolvix makes it easy for me to get into Slackware. Now Slackware is the oldest most venerated Linux distro there is and as such is probably the source of many of the myths about Linux being hard to digest. Slackware has a reputation of being a true Linux (a hackers toy), real men get Slack. Slackware is known for not being able to resolve dependencies for installed programs. Which meant if you installed a program that requires other programs/libraries to work, you had to install those programs yourself, after you found out what they were. Then as I recalled my first encounter, you would assign partition sizes to each folder in the root file system. This diving up the disk was confusing. There are others things that people complained about that became the myths that keep people from pursuing Linux. I tell ya, Linux's got a bum rap!
Not only have these problems been solved in other distros years ago, believe it or not, even the old Slackware has been brought up to date. So, I am saying GO Slackware, welcome to my world. It is a shame that other distros are enjoying the popularity because of glitz and glamor. I'd say Slackware deserves a second look by guys like me who been around the block a few times and by you young folks who missed out on history still making progress. Slackware based distros are up to the edge. Wolvix is very cool and if you want unique check out Goblinx, it is slammin. Now we'll go back to our regularly scheduled program.

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