Saturday, August 01, 2009

hanging with the generic artistic man

When you fiddle with ideas you are trying to take a virtual thing and create an avenue for it to materialize in the real world. We all know that if you stay in the virtual world too long the tendency to wonder off to the land of cartoons, fantasy and other places is quite addicting. Entertainment is fine but deep diversions are not my stick. It is fun for me to look at materials and technology and piece together something simple and practical. I will admit to liking sci-fi art.

I have looked at art for a long time and most of what I see is creative but not more than wall ornament. It's that frame. We worship the frame. And even if we don't put a frame around it, we stretch it over a frame. And it's square with sharp corners, not rounded corners. We think that a painting is special or more valued if it's hung in the standard museum traditional manner.

I was thinking of combining a picture panel with an OLED lighting panel. OLED lighting is new stuff being developed even as we read. The lighting panel will softly light a room and can be level controlled with a dimmer. Being low powered it does not throw heat. So, here's the idea:

Yeah, that's me, generic artistic man, showing relative size. But the cool thing is that it could be smaller to fit a smaller room, like this:

My point is that the picture frame becomes a little more functional with the added light panel. You can tell I am not the retro-style type. Clean, modern and adaptable, that's me. You on the other hand!?!

I call this an ethno-panel, where you can hang your Kente, Kuba or Mud cloths in style.

What I have done is created an avenue for a virtual idea to materialize in the real world. That means it is basic enough for you to do yourself and expand upon.

And if you must know, no commercial software products were used to produce these drawings. They were made using GIMP and Inkscape on a Ubuntu Linux computer. Oh yeah, this is Linuxville you know!

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