Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Linux based artist is in the house

Me, myself am kind of excited, I made the jump into the art business. You have to know that it is one thing to create art, quite another to sell it. If I had waited to do everything myself , it would be another year gone by. There are on the net on-line galleries, some set up to help you get exposed and selling. You can find me at: http://rno.imagekind.com/

When you dig down into Linux applications, there is no lack of joy at the ease of getting the work done. The catch is when you have to communicate with the outside world. As far as graphics are concerned, the world is entrenched in Photoshop and other MS platform standards and Mac platform standards. I whisper to my self, "only the file format matters" which is true, but then instructions are given as if Photoshop is expected. No biggie, I have a copy of Photoshop Limited Edition which runs fine in Wine. I'd rather use Gimp and Inkscape, they work well for my needs and since I am not a professional I have no big need for cross-training.

Traditional artist, like my 91 year old mother-n-law, cringe at computer art and misunderstand about using a computer to make art. She just doesn't understand. How can you draw on the thing you type on? It's just not a pencil or a brush. I agree, but if you learn to use it, it serves you well to produce art. When you load and dab and twist an oil paint brush, you learn what effect it does. The same with computers, you learn what effect on the output different tools and settings have. You work it, that is what an artist does. The traditional artist controls his tools, so do I.

Art making is not an exhibition sport, most artist have to have some seclusion. Honing skills or doing the work takes time, concentrated effort. When the sweat is over, it is revealed. There you have it, the Linuxville guide guy is officially hanging his shingle. I am RNO, digital artist.
Please drop by for a visit at the link above and say hi.

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