Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The classic battle of closed source vs open source

The classic battle of closed source vs open source
They stare intently at each other, the light sabre warriors. When ready to engage they take turns lighting them up. Microsoft a red laser, Mac a green laser and Linux in blue. We anticipate red and green but blue takes us aback. Blue laser, what kind of weapon is that? "Ah yes, Gnubian, we got a lot of that!"

The reputations and market share (usage) of Microsoft platform graphic software and Mac graphic software is legendary and that of Linux questioned, ridiculed and marginalised as being not professional enough. It's just a Jedi mind trick, blue lasers will slice off an arm like any other laser. The truth is MS and Mac out of the box, plug-n-play light sabres are made for market products. Linux requires some understanding. "I see you have constructed a new light sabre! indeed you a skilful and powerful Jedi!"

I always hear the chants, I want the best stuff out there, the most used and the most supported and what is the most used in the industry. When art is an industry and you are in that industry, you use what the industry uses. There is a road less travelled......... Like the artist wearing his/her beret, on a riverbank or hillside, recording the view on a minute canvas. Paintbox and pallet and easel and brush, charcoal, pencil, camera or laptop. To this artist every tool is generic and useful from brushes whose hairs were plucked from his chin to the imported zoo-fur brush from an exotic hard to pronounce country. Every artist boast in his tools and wraps a mystique of power around them. I use what I choose, that is what makes them superior over what you choose for yourself. I bend them to my will and in that is the magic. Besides I like blue.

"But you don't know the power of the closed source." Not deeply and I don't like it when sith lords insist I "pirate to try it" or get it for free with a new hardware purchase. I tend to strip it all down anyway, install open source and fire up the blue light. "But no one uses open source for.....Then I shall be the no one that no one knows, for the open source is with me."

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