Thursday, February 14, 2013

size smatters

Every time I do a digital work someone comments, "you know it would look good really big." This really gets me because my printer only puts out so big. I could go to a commercial printer but funds are limited. I tried to draw big but it's not the same. Drawing big requires a different mindset, larger materials and pens that will administer lots of ink or paint. I thought I would draw small and print big.

I am overcome by planning and working to the size. It is killing my urge to have fun and create. This gal, a member of our gallery, Susan Olsen, she is into something called "Zentangles". Man, did she draw some wonderful stuff. I thought that was not the kind of draw to suit me. Recently a Zentangle teacher, Judy Montgomery, taught a class at the gallery, I sat in. Dudes, dudettes, I was into it!! It could help my skills, I'm convinced.

It is sketching on a higher level, opens the realm of possibilities. What was  so killing was we drew in a 3 inch square. I never had that much creativity in so small a space.
Anyway, I am not much of a freehand drawer, more of a doodler, AH!, right up my alley. I have doodled for a long time, somehow this adds to it. Maybe it's the meditative aspect or that it obliterates a blank page with what ever creative juice you didn't know you had.

Here is one of my tiny works:

Of course I had to scan it into the PC and print it out bigger. So, I think I'll dig a little deeper into this and release the inner artist. Then see how I can incorporate it with my computer stuff. Big is good and small is gooder.

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