Saturday, February 16, 2013

try try again

There is one little thing in Linux I don't like. It is when programming platforms compete. There pops up a compatibility question. I use the Gnome desktop and the associate applications use a platform called "gtk". The competing platform is "qt" for the K desktop. It is no big thing until you like a "qt" application and install in on the "gtk" platform. I'm glad I'm not a programmer needing to make it all work. Actually it doesn't matter because the required libraries are installed to run what programs you have. I think it is a psychological hassle for me. With testing I get over it.

I have this app called Krita, it is a "qt" program and part of the K office suite. The kool thing is I didn't have to install the  K office suite to use Krita but, it does install the libraries to run the K office suite just to run Krita. Can you see my concern. Some times too much software can mean redundancy and or bloat.

So.....I installed the drawing app called Krita. When I first tried Krita a while back, it was limited. It seems to have been developed further. Drawing apps are weird because they have the same or similar tools but, you have to make yourself like the various interfaces. There is some strange mix of bit-mapped and vector drawing, plus a semblance of paint tools and effects. The best app is one that allows you to quickly find the tool and use it without pain in the creative process. I'm haven't time yet to play with Krita. When I do I will say further. Seems to work fine so far. Over time you can get used to anything, pain and all.

On the pen and paper front. I can't quite call my new hand drawing muse Zentangle, it's sort of more like Zendoodles or something. Anyway I whipped out a few more and am still intrigued by the whole experience. Another class is coming up on Monday, I will try to be there if I can. What fun, I think I am getting use to my own drawing. No, better than that. I am appreciating the line quality of my own drawing. I will not waste my bandwidth trying to be photograph perfect in my hand drawing. Woooah!
My anxiety level just went way down.

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