Saturday, October 26, 2013

the tablet report, yeah right

I have 3 drawing apps that are similar except their interfaces are different. So I'm cruising along trying to learn and the up dates come. Oh no, everything is better! Artflow is one, Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro is two and Infinite Design is three. So hard to let one of them go. They each make logical sense in their way and I have no favorite, darn! I'm not a big freehand drawer but the worst thing is resting hand on the screen to leave unintended marks. I gotta test to see which app handles that the best, I think it's Sketchbook Pro.

I'm watching HGTV and darn it they just ran a Samsung tablet ad. More power, multitasking, I just got this thing, it's not even warm yet. Anticipation is not going to make me wait. (boo-hoo hoo). The new tablets will have more power with the same size. I'm jealous of the future, lol.

The one thing I can say is that after a time you acquire a feel for drawing on the tablet and there is a vaccine for the "gotta have the latest" infection. Now mind you we are sporting an Android device. Evolution is inching toward laptop power in a thin low power device. I have heard that some programmers think Android is crap for code work, but for users, not bad at all. Me, I use it, like it and it's better than Java, to me. Don't tell anybody, I'm tried to run Android in Virtualbox on my Linux laptop. It ran but no touch screen or mouse.

Next project, elocution lessons so speech to text works. See ya.

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