Wednesday, December 04, 2013

aaah! they do exist......on Android

Well, on my tablet I just installed Gimp Inkscape Android. I am in works, slowly but it works. If you have great patients, it works. It opened with both Gimp and Inkscape on the desktop. A side bar with tabs for each program because they are separate. Then I made two squares, blured one into a shadow, oooh! I shut down Inkscape, then Gimp, what!!!, it's XFCE desktop! They put two powerful programs and Linux XFCE on Android!?!

Slow but it works. Patience Luke, use the open source.

I had to run, fight Vader, so now I'm back.
This is what came up. Gimp and Inkscape together. I figure if this is what is in store then the future is bright. Now most Android devices don't have the memory or the CPU power to run this thing at a descent speed (my opinion) but it does work. What's the point? I have Linux albeit a very thin Linux running Gimp and Inkscape my favorite open source apps, slowly but they run on Android OS. I also have a version of Open Office for Android, gee feels like I'm on my laptop. 

Now when you are using Inkscape you can't use Gimp. You can close one and full screen the other. I have used other vector apps but what's sweet about Inkscape is the alpha channels. You can blur things nicely, man I love shadows. Slow but it works. My Galaxy Note 10.1 came with 16 gig of RAM memory, I wonder if the 32 gig model runs this better and if a larger RAM model is in the works. Graphics apps use lots of RAM. AAH! they do exist on Android.

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