Tuesday, December 31, 2013

it works, I'll make it work.

Now having GIMP and Inkscape in an Android app might sound like a good thing. I know I was blown away. Well not blown away, maybe surprised a little. It does work, I keep saying that.

So what is missing besides speed? A mouse! A mouse is missing, you know that handy click and hold to select some objects. I never thought I'd miss a mouse. This is a quick blurb between doing other stuff.

So I think I need to investigate what that little switch on the side of the stylus can do. It is rather awkward to use and I hope it's function is programmable.

I realize I need to explain the need for speed. Speed it reaction time. When you click-n-wait for every action, it can make you impatient. I click on a object, wait for it to fully surround the selection, drag and wait for it to finish. So this app might not be for you if you have that knee-jerk Frisbee frustration reaction.

But still, it works.

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