Thursday, March 27, 2014

afrofuturism shouldn't be a trend

You know things come and things go and come and go. Somethings have short cycles, some long. Clothes in your closet may one day be back in style, can't say the same thing for my waist line. Trends, fashions, we have been bombarded with over the last 50 years has driven us mad. I think it has been a grooming experience by the commercial marketplace to make us dissatisfied as soon as we have acquired a product to want the next iteration. How we hunger for this is ever maddening. When will we get to the future?

You ask the question, now how do you see yourself in that future? Do you ride the present fashion or take a rebellious tangent or a particular spin-off or are stuck in the time that seems right? There is the interior yearning and the outer reality happening at the same. I believe economics and material culture may have the major say in this. I believe this is why what I've seen of Afrofuturism on the internet is limited to literature, video media, games, clothes, personal accessories and lots and lots of music. Why? It is very hard to change the world, easier to change your appearence, even easier to change your mind.

I am not surprised that a more futuristic material culture has not developed. Seems there is a chicken-n-egg equation going on. Black folk work hard, get money, engage in social/family values and boom the out of this world vision gets neutralized to a down to earth reality. Heck why invent when you can buy off the shelf. Dag man I sure wish I could find stuff designed a little more modern where I can afford it. I marvel at so many big screen TVs in homes. The entertainment on them takes over your visualizing mechanism, soon you can't imagine missing the next game, game show, talk show, etc. I said you can't imagine, that is the point. Why imagine when the machine will do it for you?

I appreciate the ability to record or download content for my own use. It is a hassle but it is so cool. You might get anxiety for not watching mass media TV, but you won't be as subject to the subtle mass brainwashing. Oh, we are not being brainwashed, hey remember fashions and trends. The new spring fashions you must have to be cool in your circles. The wants and needs are often sparked in you via the TV to keep commerce cruising. How is your holiday shopping by the way?

What does the future look like anyway? That's the point and the answer is I don't know, I haven't designed it yet! Black folks do need to look at themselves in a better light. For instance what and how do we eat? Raising food, eating food, the implements, the family and social. Now futurize that! See a lot more progress than just jam'n in tinfoil at a laser show. What our kitchen look like, our home, our hood, our city, our country????????? Not just the appearance knowledge of it, reality.

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