Monday, March 17, 2014

attention all afrofuturist from UGR Station 100

Attention all afrofuturist I request a convergence to station 100. Station 100 is a jump off point on the underground railroad. It is a culturally repressed place at present, an economic bleak hole at present. Heavy hardwares were made here in the past, terra-formers, land and sea transports, a volcanic metal processor still operates here.

The residue of humans here are out of tune, their horizonal assessment transponders have been damaged, vertical alignment regulators are over compensating also, so they lean. Even the schools are teaching how to live with trans-visional impairment. Art here is pointless, leads to nowhere, says nothing important. Over attention to individuals who while skilled and talented do not express a collective vision beyond the commonplace and very little afro-art.

We have asked the artist to come out of the shadows, they are reluctant, citing economic isolation. I know the real problem is vibrational, there is lots of negative buzzing.

I purpose that the afrofuturist would come and recalibrate and resync, then raise the vibes. Many young people read the chronicles, they think we are old school in our efforts, only the afrofuture embraces us all in the altered context that propels us into..................what ever we create.

We have colleges but the bros & sistos won't get out the gated community and come to the outposts. Something about intellectual peers, what the heck is the difference between the yellow submarine and deep space nine.

We have a corridor, many vacant spaces, a few active spots. We are 737 Gallery, Lorain Art Council's Art Center. A community org working to get the arts going here to transform the town. I am interested in Afrofuturism, been listening to John Coltrane and Sun Ra for a time. My own work is small digital art and multimedia. It is primitive, folk afrofuturism if I say so, I dabble. I want to transform living spaces, put afrofuturistic stuff in homes where they live.

The stakes and risks here are very high, you need to be an alter-native to live here. Look past what you see, be afrofuturistic. Transform reality here, please.


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