Friday, July 11, 2008

Linuxville newspaper editorials

The world, religion, politics and other operating systems, Linuxville residents are effected by it all and your humble Linuxville guide has his own share of opinions and solutions to the mess we live in. Those presidential hopefuls talk big energy stuff, I don't take much stock in what they say because once it filters down through gov channels you'll get the drips and it's tainted water at best. Why do we have less people in the US and use more energy and oil? There are things we can do.
1. Use natural materials whenever possible, like cotton, flax and even hemp. I am so surprised that with all the plant research in the US we haven't developed a hemp with zero drug value. We should find ways not to use plastics in disposable items, like grocery bags and foam cups and plates.
2. Let the Asians consume the efficient car business if US car makers don't and can't get the message. I would like to have my guzzler replaced and recycled, not resold to another driver. You need to make a business out of getting rid of the old car technology that everybody owns today. Where is the energy efficient truck? Where is the big ad that says an electric car uses less gas and oil than a conventional car. Let's see, an eCar around home and a train between cities......
3. We should redesign the big household energy users, air conditioning, home heating units, water heaters and dishwashers. The retrofit market should be bigger than the new builds market. We could trade them for efficient cars. That's real trade policy folks.
4. Somebody has got to design efficient light bulbs that fit the fancy chandeliers in my house that I use everyday or give me an energy credit to rewire and replace them.
5. Should make energy audits part of house inspection surveys. Energy use should figure into the value of the house.
6. If energy efficient yet powerful Laptop computers are the way to go, energy sucking desktop units should be replaced. A buyback or trade in program should be developed. Gad folks design a Linux based high speed modem/Ethernet unit already.
7. Develop a grass that grows to only 2 inches, no gas mowing necessary. Design attractive ways for US homeowners to get over grass lawn addiction. Low resource gardening should be taught in every home center and garden store.

I realize this is a diversion from usual Linux fare but Linux penguins are feeling the heat too.

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