Monday, August 23, 2010

snap, snap, crackle and pop

Here in the chateau of Linuxville I tend to try and experiment and torture my laptop in the name of comfort. My Gateway 4026gz is ancient by many standards but Linux runs wonderfully with a few caveats in play. First memory is 512MB so you can't really get away with Gnome or KDE and whiz-bang. They run, but it's.....well, hmmmmm, OK. I did install Blackbox and it is cool but not great as I don't like to fidget too much. Now I have installed XFCE, it pretty much is Xubuntu. Man what a difference. Snappy! Somebody snap me!

What does having a desktop that uses less resources do for you? The first is less overhead for PC operation. The second is more RAM to run applications. Yes, things run better and it does. People are always saying that Linux doesn't compare with MS XP or Win7. I say yes you are right and I hope you get your money's worth..........eventually. Meanwhile, I am feeling no pain, why? Because all of my exploits fit within typical PC use without the aid of special drivers and hardware set-ups. Wisdom says if you put a light weight desktop on your big powerful PC you will gain so much power it will be faster yet.

My daughter just gave me her newish HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop to fix, "dad I got a virus" Music plays in the background, the return of the man from heck. Not much I could do, two boys who search the net, play games and music, got mugged in the OS. Heck man I don't much about Win7. Good thing the hard drive didn't crash HP like others put the restore partition on the same drive as the installation, what if.........your sunk.

Anyway I started about 9am and finished at 5pm. I backed up some files, formatted the drive and pooped in the restore CD. It took forever, then I installed the anti-virus and the Java and waaa-laaaaa, well.......
I'm not too thrilled with Win7, it's good looking, but this laptop is beefy and fast still the OS is sluggish. Then all the stuff you have to add or take off is like weaving with knots. I look back at my old Gateway. Everybody thought the Hummer off-road-vehicle was so cool, then they made a street legal and class conscious vehicle out of it. Just a fancy high-priced box with no wow! My Ubuntu Gateway is snappy and clean and simple. Remember simple, not complex and it works. I can dress it up if I had more resources but I don't need to impress myself, just get stuff done.  You heard it once more, right here at the Chateau of the Linuxvlle guide office by your truly, the Linuxville guide himself. "nuff said!"


iamonlyclay said...

Hey my brother, thank you for the tour and it was great to read about your Linuxville Chateau shenanigans.

You illustrated some of the same things I identified: there is too much 'stuff' that we don't need added to the information we want and on the systems we use.

Instead purring like a Ferrari, my Dual Core, 8GB DDRAM, 1TB 5200 HDD system sometimes sputters and chugs like a Pinto.

Storage and memory are cheap and easy, it is the optimization that is key and that is negated by all the stuff they dump on the engine. We can show them how it is done and done right. Take away the stuff I don't need when I am doing work, but give it to me only when I ask for it and not all at once.

Let the user create their own experience simply, and show them that it can be done with little pain if they they it up correctly from the beginning and if there is a 'clean' slate to work from.

We are going to change the user experience and give them what no one else will. More time.


rno said...

Yes Anthony, users are demanding so much from their computers, but most don't take into account the limits of the technology. You got a smoking processor, all the ram the motherboard can hold and a huge honking hard drive. What's the problem? The hardware and software is optimised for a performance sweetspot in the middle of the road. So no matter how you stoke it the performance is average.

If you have a 64 bit system it should be better, but Microsoft is...... well..... needs work. Even on the fastest system instant response is a unheard of. MS will allocate and reserve a portion of memory for each open application, sometimes it will not let that memory to be used by the running application. In my experience Linux handles this better. And the hard drive doesn't have to be defragged.