Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a few more tablet discoveries

I'm back, had to do an oil change to re-slick myself. I have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, so far it is wonderful. You iPad users are safe with me, though I reserve the right to differ. Android OS which is basically an smartphone OS enjoys expanded use of the larger screen and the pen. The pen centric apps are not as numerous as touch apps but I find that many people are more prone to give the finger rather than the mighter pen. BUT, digital dabblers, scribblers, doodlers, stick pokers, sand tracers and wall scrawlers will find the pen as handy as a light sabre.

So, I discovered on the Galaxy is Samsung Screen saver app. It can play endlessly displaying some tips on how to use the Note tools in multi-tasking mode. This is sweet because 'show you how to do it' videos are the best things in the world. Now having said that, there are not many if any in-depth Android app tutorials. I think because there are so many apps that do the same things and the changeableness of Android users. As platforms go long term usage of any application is fleeting. But with the advent of the larger Android tablets as a useful and dependable assistant, the need for a stable set of tools is evident. Will the artists' apps gain a following to the point that tutorials are developed? Probably not and this is because the interfaces are not difficult to figure out and the tools in them are basic. If you have tinkered with PC art applications then the tablet apps are simple. I will say that the people who use the PC art applications are finding the smartphone and tablet apps cool for graphic notes and sketching. In this vein there are YouTube videos that show and tell. I myself am totally amazed when higher quality artwork is done on a small device. For instance, in our gallery is a set of note cards for sale with some cute geeky art on them. Last night I saw the the app that produced the art. The print quality is very good. I am inspired, I can do that.

Well let me go, I've got to get moving and seeing where else I can take my tablet and doodle.

Oh wait and let me add. Go over to DustyGhost.com click on tutorials, then the graphics tablet tutorial. Read it, do it, thank the man profusely. 

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