Wednesday, October 30, 2013

feeeeeeel the power

As you all know I've been totally taken by my new tablet. It's starting to get forensic evidence embedded in the cracks and crevices. If you have one of the various tablet devices, especially with a stylus, and can do drawing on it, you kind of know where I'm going. Getting the feel of drawing on the slick screen is awkward. My Wacom Graphire had a slick surface and a hard plastic pen point. There was not enough traction and I tried to tape paper on the tablet to work better. Better was not great, just OK. The new tablet has a protective film over the screen. This helps but the real thing is that the stylus has a hard rubber tip. The combination is perfect for a good control and feel, like a felt pen.

Now when you draw because it is a capacitive relation between the pen tip and the tablet surface, there still a connection when the pen is barely touching. The effect is like a nib that is fine on the line part but splotches at the start and when you stop. You learn the feel to put it down to draw and pick it up when you don't. Believe me, DustyGhosts' tutorial is good practice. Starting and stopping lines, circles, shapes. Here is a project. Get a pencil, a ball point pen, a felt tip pen, chalk, charcoal, crayon. Then do the same exercise. Each has a feel, the digital stylus is no different, depends on your feel of it.

I saw on line people using their Galaxy tablets as input devices for their PCs. I think it is a remote connection. I haven't tried this my self but to use my wireless tablet to control the graphics apps on my laptop PC would be sweet. I will investigate further, perhaps I might give it a shot.

I have talked about Xubuntu Linux in the past. It is Ubuntu Linux with the XFCE desktop suitable for older PCs and a light weight Linux for low resource PCs. I found another Linux called Lite, that's Linux Lite. It is also XFCE desktop but tweaked a little different. At least the looks are different. It is snappy and if you are new to Linux, there is nothing to scare you away. It works great, looks cool, gets the job done, with flair. I like it. Got a power machine, Linux Lite will not clog the circuits with extraneous business. This means even more power to run the applications, paint effects, 3d drawing and games. Did I mention it looks good? 

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