Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Linux and the Strawman's brain

Well, I am all the way into the KDE 4.0 experience and it is a rad different from 3.5. It's called PLASMA and has a Mac like dashboard that sports "widgets" and can even use Mac widgets that are html based. The stock widgets (plasmoids) so far are pretty cool but few in number. Here's what I think is needed:
1) a video player widget to play video files much like the slideshow picture player.
2) a good snazzy calculator
3) widget for the missing manual for the OS and the KDE user guide or a tip of the day.
4) the fix for the comic strip viewer (I can't get Delbert!?!)
5) an PDA widget to do all the PDA stuff, including sync with actual PDA (actual/virtual)
6) a am/pm digital clock, 24 hour time is bogus for the uninitiated and the stressed.
7) an audio file player (of course)
8) Plasmoid front-ends for existing programs, esp multimedia apps
9) a Trash-bin, recycling hot spot, de-resolution receptacle, black-hole or bit-shredder.
This is my short list, I wish I were able to devise some of these myself, it might be fun.

Then some of the things users like myself might like:
1) mouse-centric users would like kicker icons for obvious keyboard shortcuts. Like Ctrl-F12 for the Dashboard or Ctrl-F8 to show all work spaces. OR that upper right corner hot spot should evoke the dashboard in the widget locked state.
2) give that Kicker bar the ability to appear/disappear (use Tux/Win-key), some transparency would be nice.

The new KDE 4.0 is a mix of old school and new. It is a platform for new things to happen. You could try a number of arrangements and still maintain a basic and familiar jump off point. Compared to KDE 3.5, KDE 4.0 is less flexible and configurable but more focused and functional.
KDE 4.0 and beyond is shaping up well and looks good to this desk jockey.

Now to enhance your Oz experience, the official Linuxville guide gives you words to implant into your deepest conversations:

1) Commercializing and branding doesn't prove an OS is better or more secure or the standard.
2) Linux is actually easier to use and understand than Macs/OS X.
3) Linux has lots of games, just not MS games.
4) Gui's only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!OS ugly is to the bone.

OK, click your red mouse button three times and chant "There's no place like Gnome"............

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