Tuesday, February 18, 2014

dress in drag and do the hula, not

I saw one too many black men in movies
paid to dress and act in drag, so I wrote this piece:

The proclamation of emasculation
signed by the image maker's cartel
show your feminine side
since you don't have a slit in the front
show your back side
cause you are not fit for the war no more
cause you hang your drawers
below your back and
you crack your face to say
I'm still a man.
who's to say,
some like tough love
it's not the look of love in your eyes
they are looking at anyway
manhoodies neatly folded
thrown to the curve
visible men, everyday men, 
show their tail bones in the street 
because the men of renown 
are so easily shown in dresses
it's funny, it's cute,
it will be the highlight of your career
everybody will remember you in a dress

so and so is funny looking like a honey
he makes a lot of money
that must be the look of success
to wear a dress and be bitch'n

I wanted to kill you when you smeared
shoe polish on your face
and made my likeness to dance
as if I were a puppet
your hand up my spine
now you treat my women like as your interest
and groan to see me in her clothes
and doing her things
snapping gum and fingers
and fussing with my mangled appearance

I hate myself and now my women too
I put on a girl garb, a girl face and vent
and use my male stupidity
I'm a better bitch than that bitch.
you get rid of me and her in me
keep her cause she is not her any more

It's like an old joke
you pull our pants down
give us a wedggie
we all laugh

it's the image seen by all
It's the image seen by all
the successful, the strong, the powerful male actor
the ones who's image represents us in media
wearing dresses, pretending to be bitches
what you are telling us we are
what we are to you
what you want us to be..........
discredited! disrespected! on display!
but it's meant to be funny.

400 years plus and you are still trying to
enslave us by any means necessary
wearing a dress is dissing our manhood
it is not funny
cause I know the joke
the punch line is the image.
the image that is seen by all.

It's just entertainment, right? No! Images convey powerful messages. I've been apologised to by many whites who assumed I was like the images of black folks they saw and internalized in the media. I have to remind them the black actors who did those things were paid to do them and do not represent us who are not following the script.

What was meant by the revolution will not be televised is that the images of us shown on TV will not match us in reality, unless we ourselves buy into those images. You can not continue to deal with us via the fantasy images on TV comedy, movies or news. That's just the truth of it.

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