Monday, March 03, 2014

sliding with stylus

As you know of late I have been thoughly caught by digital tablets and the ability of tablet software to do powerful stuff. I'm speaking of tablets as a creative tool. Look down the road and you can see the wood framed slate and  chunk of charcoal or chalk, oops, the other direction. You can see the same tablet being used for teaching children elementry concepts, being used for advance math and 3D graphics.

How is that possible? The software. You only got so much hardware (a little more than one chip) and so much software. Yet the software is stretching what that hardware can display. I lug around my big laptop because of the graphics it can do. I carry the tablet for the same reason. There are Android softwares that do 3D graphics for design work, very easy to use and way, way cheaper. They don't meet the standards of professional programs yet but they are nibbling at the hems of functionality.

Now, I don't want to give a review because that would hinder the surprise effect when you discover things for yourself. So consider this a stumble upon, ooh man, check this out, kind of thing. The first is cadTouch, for computer aided dedign. Drawing a chair or house or thing is possible. The next is Water Color Pencil, it is an drawer's artbox, if the interface suits you. The tools are fine, you supply the skills. The last is INKredible. This is an iPad app gone Android. It has got to be the note app to end all note apps. I like it nuff said, but let me say I like it a lot. Check them out for yourselves, remove them if there not for you.

You may not be able to save in some apps but don't forget screenshots and exporting via email to self (same as saving except file format may be different). Now go get it n play wid it!

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