Monday, March 24, 2014

afro talk future unfolded

Of course I dabble in many things. One thing I noticed among the Afrofuturist is the importance of costume. Does clothes make the man or ma'am? Yes, because every book is judged by the cover, regardless, the contents require a second deeper judgement. The first judgement requires intuition, the 2nd, careful examination. Now is the cover a cover or the inner come out?

My last post said to invent a character for yourself. Actually the thing is we are already living day to day in a constructed persona. One that has been taught to us via school, media and surrounding environment. Who are we really?

The costume, the mask, the gadgets allow the inner persona to slip past and come out and exercise in the open. I'm nuts, then how about you sports fans who wear sports clothes everywhere because you love the game, hmmm? No excuses now, you are caught in the very act. How about you Gothic folks, dark eyed and such. Business people, ha? Criminals disguise so that their real nature can function openly, then back to their marginally acceptable self. The power of uniforms. What do you wear for the future?

Now we come to the most repressed people in the world, those waiting for the future to come. Some only see a apocalyptic return to middle age concepts and you have to realize, they return to their roots. They control the media, that is where they are from, those are the concepts they return to. When it comes to Afrofutures, we have been cut off from our history. But with this modern age we are recovering pieces and are making the similar jump to light-speed. Oh my, the universe looks quite different from this perspective.

Examine if you will each genre of art you are familiar with and trace the flow of influences and the peoples who administered them, the times, the ones involved. Sure people have crossed over, blended, but those are not the main vein. They put a mask on a mask to mask the mask that's masking the mask. Take off the masks of others put on one of your own. Such madness is necessary to bend the world we live in, to change the perspective, to get a different light. For me I ask can I improve it on many levels? Still finding my mask, the one with eyes that see differently and a perspective I can live with. Ah, comfort in my own skin.

I said I think about my ancestors a lot, my wife was offended because ancestor worship is not a Christian thing to do. Then she said she missed her parents and grandma. I said nothing back, just laughed at her. I had said the same thing only the connotation of the words I used messed her up. We live with a lot of word war. Wrong neighborhood, I always say to her.

From all these considerations, my art is changing. You might see something to change your perspective, job is done.

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