Sunday, March 23, 2014

more afrofuturism discovery

Not everybody gets a high tech education or are immersted in the full range of history and culture. BUT, if you look at all your experiences I bet you can see a pattern that will propel you into the future. The real question is always by what means.

I did work as an electrical drafter at a NASA facility. While not a designer or engineer, to work with them and be in an active outer space company does expansive things to your imagination. Physically, the material culture of space is painfully practical because the environment is hostile to the comparably fragile human life. Just like at home in the hood. I think where I've lived was never as bad as the ghettos seen on TV. I think that is a mind whack to keep us from actuating our potential.

Change your perspective, that is the afrofuturism movement. The best of our history, people and cultural heritage is at our disposal to be utilized to springboard past the old stigmas, stereotypes, and paths designed for us. Plus we  will be able to examine present values and arbitrate between all the scales of values we hold today. We have  the stability of our history as a base, the adjustable future projection and the flexible present. I like sci-fi as a context or motif because it can be mundane or spiritual or  high tech or otherworldly and not have to be apocalyptic,  god I hate apocalyptic. Some media tracts constantly send mind messages of our demise. The best way to design your own reality is to turn down or off the present media. Use it sparingly, wisely. That takes care of images, next is language. The common language needs to change and still provide a bridge to what we use now.

Now design a literary character for yourself, an alter ego, merge it with your self, then weed out negative old traits, practice. Oh yeah, you can't do this by yourself. We need interaction, wherevever afrofuturist converge. I recommend Lorain Ohio because the city is small and managable and poor. The influx of new thinking and new speaking will initiate a fundamental change in the chemistry of the city. People come and go all the time, Lorain is always a space port and a culture portal, it is the minds that are asleep. Need glue and do people, risk people, catalyst people.

Squatter artist have come, good artists but no vision of community with the community that's here. They come with their art products and don't find a market, move on, heart and mind. We have to fix the future of the city while fixing our own selves. I think afrofuturism adds the leverage to do change, consider positive alternatives, because the lens, the persprctive is changed.

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