Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the show digital

The first of many I hope, at the Gallery 737 of the Lorain Arts Council, a digital art show. My big guess is folks who do digital graphics usually don't think of displaying their work in a gallery. They will do work for publications and for the video media but printed and framed, naaaaah!

Me, I like to think some might like to display their talents to a different venue, after all, an art gallery show can be themed, like sci-fi, afro-futurist, etc.

I have teamed with a photographer, why, because his students can expand their knowledge of digital photo post-processing. Photography is pretty much a digital art but, it is used in the traditional way. The question to ask is how far will they go in experimentation with filters and manipulation?  I hope they break some rules.

The most encouraging thing is a 7 year old artist is submitting her digital work to our show. Now hold your elevated horses, we are an open community arts space, our aim is to promote and encourage all the arts from newbie or young to pro and old. By the way, this young one has produced more art works than myself. She deserves a shot at displaying. I am sure if we gather at the reception, there will be tips and inspiration to help her grow.

The two things all digital artist have in common, the video display and the printer. We only have one video monitor but we do have a projector. I will have to explore some stuff later, right now I have a video slide show. I should have called for animation work also. Printers are usually desktop, but larger commercial printers via a service can be used. If the picture is good quality, composition, story, color, etc, then possibly is good enough to sell, if that is what you want.
Well that's the news for now, have to put a poster together.

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