Wednesday, August 28, 2013

back away from the tablet

Let's see, the benefits of a tablet over a laptop. I love the power my laptop has to do graphics via the fully appointed software. The one sore spot I have is the lack of battery life. The older laptop might get an hours worth of untethered work/play, less if graphic intensive. Then, I must use a mouse or the Wacom tablet. I always need the power brick to do real work. Yes, I could buy a new laptop but I chose a tablet instead. I saw them, frowned, but picking the tablet up changed my mind.

OK, my tablet has less power and less powerful software but, does well with what it has. Battery life is 7 or 8 hours and I can use fingers and or the stylus. It is small, fits lap or hand-held use. I can carry it all over the place and has a handy camera, keyboard. So, no matter, I'm loving this availability. I have a tiny mp3 player, well the tablet can do that also and better. No worries about software, there are tons of free apps, many of which have advanced functions locked. You can do a lot as is or pay a little cash to unlock the Full Monty. I'm talking $1 to $10. Not bad at all. This tablet fits snuggly between a laptop and a smart-phone, best of both.

To all you tablet jockeys who sport iPads, don't thump your chest, I have a slight aversion to Apple and Microsoft products. Linux guys do look at the world differently. Things that make you go hummmmmmmm! Mind you my iPad friends are mostly content, have considered the tablet I have and made their choices too.

My wife is a little concerned though, she asked my why I was taking my tablet to my dentist appointment. I plugged it into my car's stereo and listened to a lecture on Black history, way better than radio I can't content control. Let me repeat, the tablet is a very good education device. Yeah, entertainment also, I guess I do jam once in a while. And there are gah, gaa, gama, ggames, games (I don't play games).

I ran into my first limitation the other day, I was running an app called ScribMaster, drew a some lines, then a circle, went to use the paint bucket to fill the circle. It told me I didn't have enough memory to complete this operation. What was that! I'll have to investigate further. Also the word processor has hidden actions to get stuff done, you'll have to read the guide to get the drift. But my realization is that the tablet is not the laptop so learn to respect the tablet for what it has and can do.

For me, smart-phone is too small, laptops are good but not really handy. The tablet is the one for me. Now, tablets come in different strengths and capabilities from eReaders to enhanced graphics tablets. Choose well. And you know those tough looking guys with the chunky chain connected to their wallet? Do that, connect the chunky chain to your tablet, if you frequent crowed places. "This tablet will self destruct in 5 seconds" and a smoke pellet will help too. The lock out from the first Jurassic Park movie is the best one yet (ah-ah-ahh!), but I'd have to add the hissing and spitting lizard with pepper spray. You see why I don't do games.

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