Friday, August 02, 2013

eye of the bird

Don't know why penguins are classified as birds. Birds fly, that is a universal acknowledgement with respect to the media in which birds normally fly in, the air. But I guess if the media were water and you were to entertain the notion that penguins only fly in water, hmmmmmm!?! Some "birds" fly in the sky, some in the water, some swim on water but do not fly in the water. Penguins are a unique bird, if they are birds, then why aren't platypus birds? Penguins have a beak like most birds, and platypus like a duck but platypus are definitely not birds. The gene pool is a weird place to play in.

What is it that the symbol of the Linux world is a "bird" that only flies in the water? Don't know and if you haven't guessed it the age of the personal computer is over. The new age of the network has been with us for a while. It is the next logical progression. For people who don't care and just plug in, it is the latest gadgets, the social media, the tap in, plug in, connect and go. If you care you talk about who and what holds the info, who authorizes and orchestrates content and what agenda is being managed for what end.

The example is TV. Three channels became seven, then more, all open broadcast. Then satellite and cable with channels out the wahzoo. They feed the lust and the power hunger and thirst for knowledge/info/entertainment. The video distraction market is pay to play and making bucks off of the gotta-have it in you. And you suck in the content (brain straw) without filtering and questioning and monitoring. You have lost your senses. The media defines you and your reality, uh-oh!

No one tells you, you have the power to turn off the TV, that you will go through media withdraw, and that your friends and family are enablers to your TV addiction. They are in it too. It is a cultural construct, a matrix. To limit your involvement in that construct to work on your own construct is the hardest thing in the world. The world being all the ones sharing the same construct.

Don't read the "text", get the "picture", analyze and ponder and apply.

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