Sunday, August 04, 2013

source vs discourse

I had a friend, in fact several friends who either would engage me on points of discussion via the wealth of supporting knowledge or the sword of sincerity. I would be so so disinterested because there is no need to sing to the choir. Dag man, you trying to convert me more, shore up your feeble conviction with a chest thumping display or sell me a used car?

I am in fact caught up with all these things, until someone finally shined some light. We can live a whole life in assumption and regard and promote it as fact.

So when engulfed in a mystery
don't overlook the history
not just the history of the myth story
but the complexities of the times
that cause the myth story
to be used as history.

tools of the trade are also the weapons of war
they till the soil, they till your mind.
they draw minerals and nutrients from dirt
they draw agreement or blood from you.

they plant seeds but grow fruit with no seeds
what? they don't have enough life force, enough
nutrition to recreate itself to pass on the power of life?
economic dependency = slavery 

every belief that has a literature
if taken literally is like fruit with no seeds.

The problem is not the literature,
it's the reader

I had watermelon the other day,
was up to my mustache in rhines
it occurred to me, no seeds
How is it I get outraged at the thought of Genetically Modified Foods and here I am not spitting seeds like, a stereotype?

If the seed has been altered
the literature of the discourse is seedless
while convenient for zero waste comsumption
it is a mockery of the natural 

the fruit is still sweet though
intoxicating like a first high
ooh baby I'll never get that buzz again
(but let me try!)

I talk in pictures, my brother taught me that. He requires a certain mental skill called "getting the drift". Hey we all shake the trees, only Newton claimed a head injury.

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