Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I've joined the revolution

The revolution will not be televised. There is a good reason for that, You see, television is for to mesmerize the masses. It works, there is no argument. The screen fixes the position of the head so that the eyes are inline and the speakers keep the ears in the sound of the master's voice (go nipper). Come on, you know how it works, especially if you got the smarter variety of cell phones. I have resisted with some effort, my phone is a phone, I can receive tex but sending tex, I might as well bang the thing on the sidewalk in Morris Code.

As you can tell while I like technology, I don't appreciate innovations so fast I haven't broken in the stuff I already got. I was a desktop jocky, then laptops, the other day, after much thought (since the laptop days begun) have bought a tablet.

I've got friends with tablets from e-Readers to PC's. I doesn't matter if it can't even do what PCs do, the flash of new technology has become an ego thumping replacement. So how do you join this revolution?

First you look at all what is available. Eyeball the thing and ooggle the price tag.

Then do an inventory of what your needs and wants, needs before wants.

This might take a while so read reviews pro and cons and talk to folks who you see are using them. They are usually excited and volunteer a sales pitch.

Narrow it down to the few devices that suit you and make an executive decision.

Now don't forget, the box unit is not all that you need, The game is the same as with PC's (remember). You need accessories and services, not just the device.

Oh, what I get? I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Why, my choice. I like the integrated Wacom graphics technology so I can draw/paint/doodle. That was the plus over other tablets, for me. As far as artability goes, my main laptop will handle the heavy work. The tablet will be the talented extension. It has a camera, ample storage and lots of battery time, 8 hours compared to 1 if I'm lucky on the laptop. I have to juggle my work load for a while but it is looking good. So, excuse me as I assume the tablet position, till next time.

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