Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remote report, tablet in hand

Ok, this is the first post from my spanking brand new digital tablet. Did I jump ship? No no no!

It runs Android, which is open source and has lots of free software. The paid software is not expensive and there are plenty that pushes to the limits of what this tablet can do, which is a lot.

This tablet has three things I want, long battery life and a Wacom tablet and graphic apps for all kinds of drawing. Are the apps the same quality as desktop stuff? Some yes, some not. But then I can't carry my laptop plus support equipment very easily. I also get a reader, video player and sketch pad. Notice, l didn't mention games, they use up too much time.

My personal opinion, I compromised yet I didn't lose anything. I can see myself sitting by the river or here in the gallery doodlling without distraction. So excuse me while I figure this thing out. I'll send pictures, cheers!

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